3 Blogs You Must Read

By: camilocshurdles

Jul 10 2012

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1. The Most Creative Country in the World

This blog is important because it involves advertising in a different level. Humor is

always important in anything you try to advertise. By saying that “The Most Creative

Country In The World” one would imagine a chart or some sort of comparison between

different countries, but here they just tell say the facts with a little twist.

Want to read more? Visit:


Want to see the video? Visit:



2. BBC London’s Calling.

With the Olympics coming soon, all the propaganda regarding the big event of 2012 is starting to show up

on T.V more than ever. This commercial advertise part of London

and the kind of sports people are expected to see starting July 27. With a little

controversial issue based on the cartoonish type of characters that the commercial has

compared with real athletes, it’s causing a buzz in the social network.

Want to read more? Visit:


Want to see more? Visit:



3. The Mini Store

Domicile food or medicine has always been liked throughout the world when it comes to

easy access. People like to have their needs fulfilled as quickly as possible and what no

better way than to have a portable “Mini store”. Its convenient in many ways, because it

allows the clientele to not only buy clothes while traveling the city, but also if one is late

for a meeting or an accident were to happen, they could just call the Mini store and a

new pair of clothing or shoes would be able to drive its way through their location. At the

moment this service is only available in Paris.

Want to read more? Visit:


 want to see more? Visit:



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