Three major players in: Advertising

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Jul 10 2012

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1. Mark Zuckerberg’s European non-vacation

If you have ever logged in to Facebook than this is possible thanks to a genius named Mark Zuckerberg. Mark was a student at Harvard University, where he was majoring in computer science and sociology. By creating “Facemash” first, which was a website where people could vote regarding on how other people looked, he created the foundation of “Facebook.” Facebook is now worth $19.1 billion dollars, and contains about 500 thousandth users as of 2011, as mentioned by

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2. Steve Jobs passed away.

Steve Jobs is one of the most influential people of the 21th century. He was the founder of Apple and all of its productions. Apple has revolutionized the way we see technology now a days. With its ipad, iPod, Mac computers and Apple iphones-3,4,4s and the newest coming out on October 2012, the iPhone 5. With Apple being the number 3-cell phone company in the world according to:, there is not knowing how much improvement the company will have with its upcoming release later on this year. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs passed away on October 6, 2011, leaving behind its legacy, which hopefully will be left in good hands.

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3. The Dumpster Years to Entrepreneur of the year

Jordan Zimmerman is an alumnus from the University of South Florida. He is the co-

founder of the Zimmerman agency and it’s the main influence of the Zimmerman

advertising program that USF currently has. He started from scratch in building his

business, and with hard work and dedication he reached the top, with a current net

worth of $3 billion dollars, he is consider a role model by many people in the


“Work hard till it hurts, then push harder” –Jordan Zimmerman.

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